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We invite you to join our vision to uplift and heal humanity thru Arts and Education projects with your investment and/or donation.  It is the dream of Dr. Kathleen Kristy Brooks, President of Love Outreach Inc, a nonprofit, and its affiliate, Love Star Enterprises Inc. to create change and heal the world thru Arts programs and Educational content.  So, if your passion is consistent with our vision to create a better world, and you are looking to give a tax-deductible donation, Love Outreach Inc is perfect for your needs.  However, If you are interested in a Return On your Investment (ROI), then Love Star Enterprises Inc. could turn your investment into an asset.  The productions and concerts have been highly successful, and we are looking to take them to the next level: a 6-week run on the Las Vegas Strip then on to Broadway in New York City.  We want to raise at least $300,000 to start the first phase.  A full budget can be presented upon request. 

Samples of the projects can be viewed on 5-minute Sizzle reels on this website.  They are my original Musicals, Soul of Rock ‘n’ Roll, (arrangements by Felton Pilate, musical Director for MC Hammer and 70’s music group. Confunkshun.  Also, my original musical, Faces in the Dark, (arrangements by Kenny Seymour, Music Director for the Broadway Musical, Ain’t too Proud to Beg/ Life of the Temptations).

The market is right for this.  With the long Pandemic, people are ready to come out and ready to be uplifted.  Your tax-deductible donation and/or investment can help. 

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Contact:  Dr. Kathleen Kristy Brooks

(702) 612-7022


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The vision of Love Outreach is to provide theatre experiences to the community as a vehicle for human development and social change. We live in a world of dramatic expression, music, creative minds, the eloquent body language of dance, and intense raw emotions. Everyday we use these Art forms of self-expression to communicate and educate. In the words of Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Art reflects life. Thru these Art projects, we can influence society by changing opinions, instilling values, educate thru storytelling and express life experiences. Besides the fact that it’s fun and challenging, performing arts are essential to living well and surviving the complexities of life. It cultivates our creativity and intelligence, encourages our compassion, and brings a higher understanding of humanity to our awareness.

Our vision is embodied in our successful production of “The Soul of Rock N Roll”. Visit the website. This entertaining, educating musical had a standing room only crowd of over 800 people attending during the Martin Luther King weekend. The musical allowed people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories and cultivated the human connection.

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Our mission at Love Star Enterprises Inc. is to uplift the human spirit and develop the human connection so that communities can thrive and become harmonious.   We accomplish our mission through the emotional power of the arts: music, dance, drama, film.  We provide Arts and Education with mind, body, and spirit enhancing experiences to serve the community.  We bring programs like performances, concerts, dinner theater, training workshops, classes and special events to the community providing “food for the soul”. We organize different events for the public, open to include Seniors, Veterans, Artists, Schools, Children, Homeless, Essential Workers, Hospitals, to serve a diverse community of society thru diverse programming.

Outreach through the arts provides food for the human soul, creates emotional well-being and allows audiences, participants, and benefactors alike to find common ground and enable healing, positive social changes for the communities we serve.


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