1 Kristy and First Woman Combat General

Kristy with First Woman Combat General

2 Kristy with Smokey Robinson

Kristy with Smokey Robinson

3 Kristy with Mosaic Acapella group

Kristy with Mosaic Acapella Group

4 Kristy with Jason & Prince Tribute

Kristy with Jason and Prince Tribute

5 Kristy & WHCR Radio Hosts

Kristy and WHCR Radio Hosts

6 Kristy Military Performance

Kristy Military Performance

7 Kristy celebrated at Black History

Kristy Celebrated at Black History

8 West Care CEO Steinberg

Kristy with West Care CEO Steinberg

9 Kristy and Spiderman

Kristy and Spiderman

10 Kristy & T-Fox Entertainer

Kristy and T-Fox Entertainer