Light a Candle, Light a Heart, let your light shine on NEW YEAR’S DAY. Turn lights on in cars, houses, and inner light for peace on earth at the same time ALL OVER THE WORLD. Let’s all be of ONE LIGHT, ONE MIND for Peace.

For the New Years Day Declaration For Peace sing these songs ALL OVER THE WORLD. Promote peace and love around the world.
Please contribute YOUR favorite peace song to the Blog.




Listen For Inspiration

So let’s really listen to the words of these beautiful, inspirational songs and make a conscious effort to make the world a better place. It’s time to throw down our weapons and extend the olive branch to our fellow man from this point on.  Imagine all of that happening now!


What is your favorite peace song? Post it in the comments below or share via your favorite social media site with your favorite peace song. Together we can spread peace ALL OVER THE WORLD.

 You can also make your way over to the Peace Declaration Page to sign the “Declaration for Peace”